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Here it is folks, the all-new M134 6mm Minigun Cannon.


Thanks for your patience and understanding about the extensive R&D that took place to bring you one of the most sought after airsoft guns in the world. Let me also take this time to shed some light on the parties involved with bringing this gun into existence.


First on the list is the Q-project with it outstanding president, Jack Ma. He introduced to me the performance level that airsoft guns can be taken to if properly upgraded and this inspired me to continue the airsoft minigun project which led to our joint venture.


Second on the list would be my brother, Joseph Piper, who helped me tremendously on the machining as well as a good portion of the re- designing. When I say redesigning I really mean downsizing.


A lot of work went into reconfiguring components & designs from my already existent patent, so as to fit somewhat closely to the dimensional specs of a real M134 minigun.


Lastly, me, whom most of you know as the guru of air-powered miniguns. I, of course, have been inspired by the minigun ever since I saw it in the John Wayne film "The Green Berets" following also in several other films. But, it didn't make as much of a presence as in the movies PREDATOR / T3 / MATRIX.


The Idea of handling a minigun from the waist is awesome, and definitely looks good on film, but from experience let me make this very clear. no man can fire a 7.62 minigun from the waist, not at full RPM anyway.


I know that there has been a lot of skepticism out there as to when and if this things was ever going to come about not to mention if it was even going to work. So, I have put a few MPEGs of the gun in action. They are posted below. This gun will come. as with all things, accessories, but right out of the box, it will have everything you need to start shooting, even high precision BBs.


The Q Project will handle all orders, so please use the link on the page to place your orders. Here, I will answer basic questions concerning this project and the history behind it. But all technical questions will go through the Q. If someone wants a customized one, then I will handle your questions and be the one to tell you what can or cannot be done to further customize it.




The shooting experience.


This is just about as close as one can get to the real deal unless you have 100 + k burning a hole in your pocket and of course can talk someone out of one which there is not but a handful of pre 1986 miniguns that civilian can legally own. Mike Dillon has acquired most of them and has a license to manufacture them, but can not be sold to private citizens. That's U & Me.. and furthermore we all love the smoke & fire from the real deal but who can afford to shoot a 7.62 minigun at 100rnds per sec??? Certainly not me. Knob creek is the only place that I know one can shoot a real minigun but it will cost you $75.00 for 100 rnds that will give you a whole second of fun. :~)


So if you're bound and determined to have a minigun that actually shoots without the ATF red tape & and the monetary restrictions then this is the gun for you. The shooting experience is real and the sound is unique as well. When I first pulled the trigger the shooting experience was off the scale. Now one might say for a guy who has shot a lot of airpower miniguns how much different could it be?? That is true so I'll explain. Most of the miniguns that I have designed only in part look like the real m134 and only shoot about 15-18 rnds per second so the barrels barley become a blur and the sound is more like a machine gun rather than a buzz saw. But then again I designed the guns to shoot at a more economical level, even C02 & bbs can get quite expensive at that ROF. But on this gun I decided that speed is what people will want, so this gun was designed to shoot about three times as fast. The barrels are definitely a blur and the sound is much like a lawnmower or better yet a Harley Davison motorcycle at cruise speed. Anyway...back to the shooting. I held the trigger down until the hopper had expelled its last round, I then caught my breath, I was truly amazed. this thing really shoots!!! and man did it shoot!!!All the hard work had paid off. I was operating it at 12volts and the fire rate was about 45 rps. I again tested the gun on 14volts and the ROF jumped considerably about 70 some rps. I decided that was way to fast, even at 12 volts... So I custom built a 10.8 v battery which at this RPM I have reached what I call the happy medium. It is more than capable of producing the WOW FACTOR!! And PPP & Q are proud to bring you the first American airsoft M134 BB cannon.


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Current Projects

BB M134

Custom BB M134 built for president of US Airgun Magazine.

Airsoft M134



US Airgun is now called RIMFIRE & AIRGUN MAGAZINE their new magazine now includes:  rimfire, airguns & airsoft products. We are expecting to complete this unit in the next 3 weeks. Videos of the gun in Action will be posted then.

How this all began..


The Flamer

Kick the Cans





















"For those interested in getting registered on the official information waiting list (intending to purchase) contact the staff at The Q Project - USA at for further details. An official Press Release will be posted tentatively on May 31st, 2002 at - USA's Dedicated Premier Airsoft Customization Service and Retailer!"



R&D has begun to convert your 6mm airsoft to shoot standard steel BBs. Updates will follow when testing is complete as well as a list of available models for conversions.



Strafer MK III

Strafer MK II

Will be available in June. Built on custom basis only. Specs will be posted soon.


Bottle Blaster

Bottle Blaster II

Can Shredder

Flaming cans

Dancing Water

Logo Cutter
Ordering Form

Night Shooter  in this video a light is placed behind the gun so you can see the hundreds of rounds exiting the barrel (it truly is a solid stream) the built in light on the gun will give you the same effect if fired at night.


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Updated: 5/31/2002